Face of Glams Africa is a Beauty pageant platform for young women above the age of 18 years. Our Beauty pageant is a prestigious event that gives you the platform to showcase your beauty, talent, and personality to the world.

Face of Glams Africa is a women’s empowerment organization that focuses on projection of African women’s Beauty to the world. It is a platform that engages and brings young Africa women together to showcase their talents and achieve their dreams in life.

Our Aim

We believe every woman is beautiful and needs confidence to achieve greatness in life. At Face of Glams Africa, our Aim is to encourage, empower young African women to be relevant in their society and achieve their goals in life.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to help create a platform where African women can show off their look, compete with other women, build their self esteem, and gain confidence in order to achieve success. Face of glams Africa has been in existence since 2020 and over the years the platform has helped over five hundred (500) individual to acquire leadership skill and greatness in the society.


How To Register

Registration is free and can be done after clicking the registration link. It is simply by filling your name, email, phone number and uploading a cute picture of you, a brief information/Bio about yourself then proceeding to download your template and you are to Send your downloaded template and link to family and friends to votes for you. Voting can be done automatically or manually.

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What attendees say


"I've always doubted myself. Winning Floraqueen Beauty Contest by Face of Glamz Africa, gives me so much confidence and made me to realize that my dreams are valid and there's nothing too hard to achieve in life, just believe in yourself. A big thank you to Face of Glamz Africa for this big opportunity."


"I am so grateful to face of glams for giving me the opportunity to showcase my best self in Luxiequeen edition. Thanks"


"Face of glams Africa is 100% real and legit, at first I didn’t believe in online beauty contest until I participated in miss culture beauty contest organized by faceofglams and truly the platform has made my dream come through."


"I’m super excited after winning miss Aura beauty contest by faceofglams. This platform has helped me to build more confidence to believe in my self and has also made me to achieve my goals in life."

How to Vote ?

There are 2 Ways to Vote and A vote cost NGN 100

1.Online voting (Automatic): To vote automatically, the payment is made directly/online on this website by clicking the voting link, and when the payment is confirmed, the contestant’s votes are added automatically immediately.

2.Bank Transfer voting(manual): To vote manually, the payment is done by sending the voting amount to our account details below:
Account No.: 1018588087
Bank name: ZENITH BANK
After payment, you are to send the payment’s screenshot and contestant details to us on our whatsapp. The contestant votes will be added manually on the website when the payment is confirmed.

NOTE: Contestants/voters can vote in multiple times as much as they want and there is NO REFUND OF MONEY after payment is done

Whatsapp here for confirmation of vote:
Example NGN 100 – 1 vote
NGN 500 – 5 votes
NGN 5,000 – 50 votes

Information About The Contest

There are three stages in this contest.

STAGE 1 (50 VOTES) (15 Days): In this stage, you need the minimum of 100 votes to move to the second stage, a vote cost #100, i.e. 1 vote = #100. And each contestant must have at least 100 votes to move to stage 2, i.e. #100 x 100 = #10,000. After registration, you are to download your template and copy your profile/voting link in order to send your template/link to friends and family to vote for you. If you have any question, kindly chat us on our WhatsApp line WhatsApp

Stage 2 (4 Days): All contestants are required to receive a minimum of 300 votes, at a cost of #100 per vote, in order to qualify as a finalist and advance to the final stage. During this stage, game night will be held where contestants can earn free votes or cash prize bonus.

Stage 3 (4 Days): This is where the competition ends. If you make it to this stage, it means you are a legend and influential. This stage does not require any specific number of vote as winners are selected based on the highest number of votes they have. Only contestant with the highest vote will be selected as winner, 1st runner up will be the second highest, 2nd runner up will be the third highest, 3rd runner up will be the fourth highest and 4th runner up will be fifth highest. Contestants with 6th-10th position will be rewarded with consolation prizes.

NOTE Only contestants with the highest votes wins the contest.

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